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The Diptera Site
Title: The Diptera Site
Title alternative: The new Diptera Site
Creator: Brake, Irina; et al.
Abstract: The Diptera Site is a community driven site for authoritative information on Diptera. This website is open to everyone around the world interested in flies, whether professionals or amateurs. Please help us maintain a high standard of content. The focus of this site lies primarily but not exclusively on taxonomy, phylogeny and nomenclature of Diptera. There are other sites dealing with specific Diptera families and an active community site We would like to offer a species page for each Diptera family. Please help and create species pages for your favourite taxa (see How to create a species page). To participate, please create an account and state your intent to build species pages. You are also welcome to start a group on your favourite taxon (see for example Carnidae), add bibliographic citations or images, make comments to the various pages, etc. Navigation of the Diptera Classification: A click on a term in the 'Diptera Classification' menu will open the child taxa of this term as well as the taxon panel for this term. To find a taxon panel you can also click on 'Taxonomy' above the search field, enter a term and search. Currently the classification goes only down to family level except for selected families and FLYTREE taxa. Example species pages are available for Ephydridae and Carnidae (Carnus hemapterus, Hemeromyia obscura, Meoneura obscurella). [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Diptera (Flies) and Siphonaptera (595.77)
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