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Opisthostoma (Familie Diplommatinidae)
Title: Opisthostoma (Familie Diplommatinidae)
Title abbreviated: Opisthostoma
Creator: Liew, Thor-Seng; et al.
Abstract: This website is an informal publication and is not valid for taxonomic or nomenclatural purposes under the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. This website is intended for scientists and public. We are now in the processes of compiling existing information regarding to Malaysian terrestrial molluscs from literature and reference collections. In the end, we hope to complete a corpus of literature for each land snail species from Malaysia for public access on the internet. We hope this endeavour will allow scientists and public to better understand molluscan systematics through the development of identification resources and tools to manage molllusc classifications and synonymies. In addition to the assembling of photographs and literature database, general species descriptions, ecology information and taxonomic status will be provided for each species. We are welcome for suggestions, participation and any information that will enrich this website. This webpage is part of the output from an on going PhD project of Thor-Seng Liew, who currently works on the molecular phylogenetics and morphospace evolution of the genus Opisthostoma. Please contact Thor-Seng Liew ( or any of the members for further information. This website is complement to 1) 2) [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Gastropoda (Snails and slugs) (594.3)
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Spatial coverage: Southeast Asia
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