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Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System
Title: Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System
Title abbreviated: GONUTS
Creator: TAMU = Texas A&M University <College Station, Tex.> / BioBio Faculty = Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics / CACAO = Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies
Contributor: Hu, James C.
Abstract: GONUTS is a Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System. The GONUTS wiki has been set up to provide third-party documentation for users of the Gene Ontology Project. The GO wiki is not an official product of the GO consortium. It was built by users at TAMU for newcomers to GO who want to explore GO usage. The rationale for this wiki is described in "About GONUTS". To enter the ontology pages, go to the GO page, or search for a term. For more information about how this wiki is automatically updated, see GO wiki scripts. For Help using the system, see Help: Contents, which is available in the navigation links from all pages. See Current events for what's new with the GONUTS wiki. Leave comments and suggestions on our Known Issues page. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Language and communication (570.14);
DNA (Desoxyribonucleic acid) (572.86)
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