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Hotregion: a database of predicted hot spot clusters
Title: Hotregion: a database of predicted hot spot clusters
Title abbreviated: Hotregion
Creator: Cukuroglu, Engin; Gursoy, Attila; Keskin, Ozlem
Abstract: "Hot spots are energetically important residues at protein interfaces and they are not randomly distributed across the interface but rather clustered. These clustered hot spots form hot regions. Hot regions are important for the stability of protein complexes, as well as providing specificity to binding sites. We propose a database called HotRegion, which provides the hot region information of the interfaces by using predicted hot spot residues, and structural properties of these interface residues such as pair potentials of interface residues, accessible surface area (ASA) and relative ASA values of interface residues of both monomer and complex forms of proteins. Also, the 3D visualization of the interface and interactions among hot spot residues are provided. HotRegion is accessible at" (from: Cukuroglu E., Gursoy A., Keskin O.; "HotRegion: A database of predicted hot spot clusters", Nucleic Acids Res., 2012, Vol. 40, D829–D833.) [Miscellaneous as indicated]
Subject: Proteins (572.6)
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