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Paleocene mammals of the world
Title: Paleocene mammals of the world
Creator: Jehle, Martin
Abstract: This website tries to summarize what we know about these first ten million years of the age of mammals. The Paleocene is a crucial time in the history mammals. Unfortunately, mammal fossils from this epoch are either scarce or entirely unknown in many parts of the world. Thus we can only speculate how the fauna of whole continents looked after the extinction of dinosaurs. Even where fossils occur, most species are only known from their characteristic teeth, and skeletons are only known for a few forms. Nevertheless, knowledge of Paleocene mammals is steadily increasing. [Information of the supplier]
The list should now be quite complete for mammal genera and species described until the year 2000.
Table of contents: Introduction to Paleocene mammals / Genera and species of Paleocene mammals / Paleocene mammal faunas / Beyond mammals: Other Paleocene vertebrates (New) / References / Links.
Subject: Genetics, evolution, young of mammals (599.13);
Paleontology, Paleozoology (560)
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