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Open Tree of Life project (OpenTree)
Title: Open Tree of Life project (OpenTree)
Title abbreviated: OpenTree
Creator: Burleigh, J.G.; et al.
Abstract: The Open Tree of Life project (OpenTree) will enable a community-assembled tree of life by synthesizing the wealth of phylogenetic data published and being published by the scientific community and providing the means to update and refine the draft tree. Our four major goals: Build and make publicly available the first complete draft tree of life, capturing the depth of knowledge about biodiversity on Earth; Engage the community in refinement and annotation of the draft tree; Promote a culture of data sharing among systematists through software products that target key bottlenecks in phylogenetic workflows; and, Develop, disseminate, and evaluate novel methods for phylogenetic synthesis. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Phylogeny (576.88)
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