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Andorran Biodiversity Information System
Title: Andorran Biodiversity Information System
Title abbreviated: SIBA
Title alternative: Sistema d'Informació de la Biodiversitat d'Andorra
Creator: Institut d'Estudis Andorrans <Sant Julià de Lòria>
Publisher: CENMA = Centre d'estudis de la neu i de la muntanya d'Andorra
Abstract: SIBA is an initiative from the Biodiversity Centre of the Institute for Andorran Studies to merge and allow easy access to the citation data of the flora and fauna distribution of the country. Because of its very own nature this is a dynamic project that grows continuously as new data arrives to our knowledge. This data is compiled from a very wide range of heterogeneous sources including the information generated by our own institutions, local enterprises, specialists or simply interested people that have made Andorran nature their main focus of attention. With this project we also want to provide to any interested individual or institution the access to the Andorran biodiversity data and a point of reference for easy exploration of the large information set currently available in our database. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Fungi / lichens / bryophytes / flora / arthropods / molluscs / vertebrates.
Subject: Historical, geographic, persons treatment (578.09)
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Spatial coverage: Iberian Peninsula and adjacent islands, Spain
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Language: Catalan; English; French; Spanish
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