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BioVel : Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory
Title: BioVel : Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory
Title abbreviated: BioVel
Creator: University <Cardiff> [Coordinator]; et al.
Abstract: BioVeL is a virtual e-laboratory that supports research on biodiversity issues using large amounts of data from cross-disciplinary sources. BioVeL offers the possibility to use computerised "workflows" (series of data analysis steps) to process data, be that from one's own research and/or from existing sources. A researcher can build his own workflow by selecting and applying successive "services" (data processing techniques). Or, he can re-use existing workflows available from BioVeL's library. This virtual e-laboratory cuts down research time and overhead expenses. BioVeL also provides access to a worldwide network of expert scientists who develop, support, and use workflows and services. It pools interests and shared-knowledge on biodiversity research, and fosters an international community of researchers and partners on biodiversity issues. At the core of BioVeL is a consortium of fifteen partners from nine countries, as well as an outer circle of ‘Friends of BioVeL’. BioVeL is funded through the European Community 7th Framework Programme and is free and available to use via the Internet. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Research/statistical methods (570.72)
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