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Biodiversity Exploratories : Central Data Management
Title: Biodiversity Exploratories : Central Data Management
Title abbreviated: BExIS [prototype]
Title alternative: Biodiversity-Exploratory Information System (BExIS) [prototype]
Creator: Nieschulze, Jens; et al.
Publisher: Universität
Abstract: A functional prototype of the Biodiversity-Exploratory Information System (BExIS) has been established by Dr. Jens Nieschulze and colleages (group leader Prof. Dr. Ernst-Detlef Schulze), MPI Biogeochemistry Jena. The system is heavily used within the project "Biodiversity Exploratories", mostly by the resources and map functionality but increasingly also by its data management capabilities. [Information of the supplier]
According to Nieschulze & König-Ries 2012 (at the first sets of original research data will be published in 2012. For more information about Biodiversity Exploratories see:
Subject: Education, research, related topics (570.7);
Specific ecosystem processes (577.1)
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