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Zoom Dinosaurs
Title: Zoom Dinosaurs
Creator: Col, Jeananda
Abstract: Zoom Dinosaurs is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension. It has an easy-to-use structure that allows readers to start at a basic level on each topic, and then to progress to much more advanced information as desired, simply by clicking on links. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: All About Dinosaurs / Dino Info Pages / Dino Fact Sheets / Dino Printouts / Paleontologists / List of Dinos / Anatomy & Behavior / Mesozoic Era / Extinction / Fossils / Mesozoic Plants / Classification / Dino Quizzes / Dino Dictionary / Dino News
Subject: Education (570.71);
Reptilia (567.9)
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Audience: Beginner; Intermediate
Language: English
Format: website
Resource type: Textbooks / Online-textbooks
Access: free
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