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The GoldenGATE Editor
Title: The GoldenGATE Editor
Title alternative: The GoldenGATE Document Editor
Creator: Sautter, Guido; et al.
Publisher: Institute of Technology / IPD = Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization
Abstract: The intention of the GoldenGATE editor is to build a bridge between NLP components and XML markup of natural language text according to arbitrary XML schemas. It allows the deployment of NLP components to marking up the bodies of literature they were designed for. In this way, it enables transforming the texts into XML content according to an XML schema that was designed to gain maximum benefit from the knowledge provided in them. The GoldenGATE editor picks up the ideas of plug-in processing resources and pipelined processing implemented in the GATE framework (, which has been widely used in many areas of NLP research. At the same time, it provides a full XML editor including assistance for manipulation of both text and markup, thus allowing users to improve data quality by manual intervention. In order to achieve maximum flexibility and extensibility, the GoldenGATE editor provides plug-and-play interfaces on many levels: Individual automated components for markup creation and manipulation, entire groups of functionalities, components accessing documents in arbitrary storage locations, and arbitrary document data formats. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Language and communication (570.14);
Auxilliary techniques and procedures/apparatus, equipment, materials/microscopy (570.28)
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Format: software
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