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Title alternative: biowikifarm Meta; MetaWiki biowikifarm
Publisher: ViBRANT = Virtual Biodiversity Research and Access Network for Taxonomy
Abstract: is a shared technical platform supporting a number of mediawiki installations used by a diverse array of projects in biology, and especially biodiversity research. The primary purpose of the shared platform is to be able to maintain the published data over a long time period and to work more efficiently and distribute administrative and maintenance work among several partners. Furthermore, the biowikifarm operates a shared media repository, enabling synergies in re-using media content. The biowikifarm is part of the activities of Plazi. It is presently primarily maintained on ViBRANT EU FP7 funds through the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) (programming and management) and the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM) (technical support and hosting). The IT Center of the Bavarian Natural History Collections (SNSB) is giving a guarantee for long-term online availabilty should dedicated project funds run out. In addition, users of the biowikifarm provide a significant contribution to the management of the farm. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Species-ID / Offene-Naturfü / / Key to Nature / diversityworkbench / LIAS / Pest Information Wiki / / / / Studienstiftung Mykologie / PlantNet Wikis.
Subject: Organizations and management (570.6)
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