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Maxent software for species habitat modeling
Title: Maxent software for species habitat modeling
Title alternative: Maxent software and datasets
Creator: Steven J. Phillips; et al.
Publisher: Princeton University / Department of Computer Science
Abstract: Use this site to download software based on the maximum-entropy approach for species habitat modeling. This software takes as input a set of layers or environmental variables (such as elevation, precipitation, etc.), as well as a set of georeferenced occurrence locations, and produces a model of the range of the given species. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Auxilliary techniques and procedures/apparatus, equipment, materials/microscopy (570.28);
Historical, geographic, persons treatment (578.09)
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Audience: Intermediate; Experts
Language: English
Format: software
Resource type: Research projects
Access: free
Metadata update date: 2012-01-31
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