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Tracheophyte Phylogeny - Vascular Plant Systematics (Poster)
Title: Tracheophyte Phylogeny - Vascular Plant Systematics (Poster)
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Creator: Cole, Theodor C.H.; Hilger, Hartmut H.
Publisher: Freie Universität
Abstract: This PDF file illustrates Tracheophyte Phylogeny. The hypothetical tree of vascular plant systematics is based on molecular phylogenetic data (Jan 2012). Branch lengths are deliberate, not expressing actual time scale; if a character is marked as being a potential synapomorphy at a node/for a clade, this does not mean that all members of that clade possess that character. This poster depicts only the largest and most important of the currently accepted groups. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Evolution of plants (581.38)
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