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Census of Marine Zooplankton
Title: Census of Marine Zooplankton
Title abbreviated: CMarZ
Creator: Bercial, Leo Blanco; Nonomura, Takumi; Cornils, Astrid
Contributor: Bucklin, Ann; Nishida, Shuhei; Schiel, Sigrid
Publisher: Census of Marine Zooplankton (CMarZ)
Abstract: We are scientists, students and others interested in zooplankton from around the world who are working toward a taxonomically comprehensive assessment of biodiversity of animal plankton throughout the world ocean, a field project of the Census of Marine Life (see a) We are studying the 7,000 described species in 15 phyla that comprise the holozooplankton – animals that drift with ocean currents throughout their lives. b) We are determining a DNA barcode (short DNA sequence for species identification) for each species. c) We sponsor activities such as taxonomic training workshops, sponsors student and researcher visits to CMarZ laboratories. d) We maintain a distributed data system of biological and physical information from CMarZ related cruises. e)We provide image galleries of living plankton. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Gallery / species / data / research / resources / genetics / search.
Subject: Marine animals (591.77)
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Spatial coverage: Oceans and Seas
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