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Nutrient Network: A Global Research Cooperative
Title: Nutrient Network: A Global Research Cooperative
Title abbreviated: NutNet
Creator: Eric M. Lind
Publisher: University of Minnesota / Department of Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior
Abstract: The Nutrient Network (NutNet) is a grassroots research effort within a coordinated research network comprised of more than 40 grassland sites worldwide. NutNet goals:a) To collect data from a broad range of sites in a consistent manner to allow direct comparisons of environment-productivity-diversity relationships among systems around the world. This is currently occurring at each site in the network and, when these data are compiled, will allow us to provide new insights into several important, unanswered questions in ecology. b) To implement a cross-site experiment requiring only nominal investment of time and resources by each investigator, but quantifying community and ecosystem responses in a wide range of herbaceous-dominated ecosystems (i.e., desert grasslands to arctic tundra). [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: NutNet Home / NutNet Guidelines for Participation / Protocols & Templates / Publications / Data / Participating Sites / Annual Meetings / Education-Outreach-Jobs / Image galleries / Contact Us / Forums / Steering Committee / NutNet Founders / Email Archives.
Subject: Organizations and management (570.6);
Grassland ecology (577.4)
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