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Invasive Alien Species in Belgium
Title: Invasive Alien Species in Belgium
Creator: Belgian Forum on Invasive Species (BFIS)
Publisher: Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Abstract: More and more species are introduced outside their natural geographic range due to the increasing rate of trade in the world. Some of them are able to establish in their new environment and to develop dense populations where they can outcompete native species or disrupt ecosystem functioning. They are called invasive alien species. The Belgian Forum on Invasive Species gathers scientific information on presence, distribution, auto-ecology, adverse impacts and management of invasive alien species. It regularly updates a reference list of exotic species in Belgium and is responsible for the elaboration of a black list gathering species with a strong detrimental impact on biodiversity. Information exchange on exotic species is promoted through this website and by occasional forum meetings. The Belgian Forum on Invasive Species supports activities of the Belgian Contact Group on Invasive Species. It is the national node of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group and of the NOBANIS network. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Nonnative species (578.62)
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Spatial coverage: Southern Low Countries, Belgium
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