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Australian National Data Service
Title: Australian National Data Service
Title abbreviated: ANDS
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Creator: ANDS = Australian National Data Service <Melbourne, Canberra>
Abstract: The long term (ten year) objectives for data management within the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) are to: a) Transform collections of Australian research data into a cohesive network of research repositories, b) assist Australian research data managers to become experts in creating, managing and sharing research data under well formed and maintained data management policies, c) increase the amount of research data that is routinely deposited into stable, accessible and sustainable data management and preservation environments, d) Provide opportunities for people to develop expertise in data management across research communities and institutions, e) enable researchers to find and access any relevant data in the Australian 'data commons', f) enable Australian researchers to discover, exchange, reuse and combine data from other researchers and other domains within their own research in new ways and g) facilitate the sharing of Australian data to support international and nationally distributed multidisciplinary research teams. [Information of the supplier]
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Table of contents: About ANDS / Projects & Funding / Our Approach / Events / For Researchers / Manage Data / Publish Data / Find Data / Cite Data / For Partner Institutions / Make Connections / Managing Data / Guides / Publishing Data / Licensing / Online Services / Content Providers Guide / Technical resources / News / Newsletter / Community Bulletin Board.
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