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Abstract: In recent years, an increasing number of researchers from mathematics, computer science, and the physical sciences have been joining biologists in the ongoing revolution in biology. In a variety of ways, these researchers are contributing towards making biology a quantitative science. The formation of the q-bio archive (introduced 15 Sep 2003) aims to serve the need of this emerging community. If you and your colleagues have active interest in quantitative biology (including but not limited to biological physics, computational biology, neural science, systems biology, bioinformatics, mathematical biology, and theoretical biology), we urge you to subscribe to the archive and submit (p)reprints to it. Both theoretical and experimental contributions are welcome, and subscription is freely accessible over the internet to all members of the scientific community. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Biomolecules / Cell Behavior / Genomics / Molecular Networks / Neurons and Cognition / Other Quantitative Biology / Populations and Evolution / Quantitative Methods / Subcellular Processes / Tissues and Organs.
Subject: Scientific principles (570.15)
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