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University of Alberta Microfungus Collection and Herbarium (UAMH)
Title: University of Alberta Microfungus Collection and Herbarium (UAMH)
Title abbreviated: UAMH
Title alternative: Microfungus Collection and Herbarium - University of Alberta
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Creator: University of Alberta / Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences / UAMH = Microfungus Collection and Herbarium
Abstract: The University of Alberta Microfungus Collection and Herbarium (UAMH) is an internationally recognized fungal collection involved in collection, conservation, distribution, education and research on living fungi of medical, scientific, industrial and heritage importance. We encourage and invite submission of isolates for deposit. In 2010, the collection achieved 50 years of official existence, but the fungi catalogued at the UAMH are a rich legacy resulting from more than 75 years of research by Canadian and international scientists and by UAMH staff and students. The UAMH comprises 11,500 living isolates and dried herbarium specimens representing more thFD_suspensionan 3200 species. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Fungi, Eumycophyta (True fungi) (579.5)
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