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European Roe Deer Project
Title: European Roe Deer Project
Title abbreviated: EURODEER
Title alternative: EURODEER Project
Creator: Cagnacci, Francesca [EURODEER coordinator]; et al.
Abstract: The EUropean ROe DEER Information System (EURODEER) is an open project to support a collaborative process of data sharing to produce better science. It is based on a spatial database that store shared movement data on roe deer to investigate variation in roe deer behavioural ecology along environmental gradients or population responses to specific conditions, such as habitat changes, impact of human activities, different hunting regimes. EURODEER group is trying to fully explore the opportunities given by the new monitoring technologies for conservation and management at both local and global scale. The spatial database, built upon open source software (PostgreSQL + PostGIS) and hosted at Edmund Mach Foundation, can be connected to a large set of client applications (GIS, web interfaces, statistics) to help storing, managing, accessing and analysing GPS data from several research groups throughout Europe. At present 19 research groups join EURODEER. The database is static and temporary, but the perspective is to turn it into a permanently structured and dynamically updatable data repository of a long term project. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Animal tracking and spatial DB / Activities / Publications / Software platform / The open source option / Data model / Links / Who we are / Would you like to join?
Subject: Auxilliary techniques and procedures/apparatus, equipment, materials/microscopy (590.28);
Behavior (591.5);
Ungulates (599.6)
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Spatial coverage: Europe, Western Europe
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