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NASA - Life Sciences Data Archive
Title: NASA - Life Sciences Data Archive
Title abbreviated: LSDA
Creator: Johnson Space Center <Houston, Tex.>
Abstract: NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive (LSDA) is an active archive that provides information and data from 1961 (Mercury Project) through current flight and flight analog studies (International Space Station, Shuttle, bed rest studies, etc.) involving human, plant and animal subjects. Much of the information and data are publicly available on this site. Some data are potentially attributable to individual human subjects, and thus restricted by the Privacy Act, but can be requested for research. [Information of the supplier]
The Main page titled "Life Sciences Data Repositories" offers more links to other projects of the NASA: a) Human Health & Safety, b) Space Medicine and c) Lifetime Surveillance of Astronaut Health.
Table of contents: Experiment / Mission / Biospecimens / Personnel / Documents / Hardware / Photo Gallery / Dataset.
Subject: Origin of life (576.83)
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