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MassBank - High Resolution Mass Spectral Database
Title: MassBank - High Resolution Mass Spectral Database
Title abbreviated: MassBank
Creator: Keio University / Institute for Advanced Biosciences <Yamagata>
Abstract: MassBank is the first public repository of mass spectral data for sharing them among scientific research community. MassBank data are useful for the chemical identification and structure elucidation of chemical compounds detected by mass spectrometry. This website counts with the following features: a) distributed database, b) high precision and accurate mass spectra of primary metabolites and secondary metabolites, c) mass spectral search by exact m/z and browsing interface and d) search for merged spectra. A merged spectrum is generated from spectra of the identical compound measured in different CID conditions. The MassBank Record for each merged spectrum includes information of its original spectra. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Database Service / Statistics / Document / Download / Manual / About MassBank / Contact / Consortium Members / Site Map / Use Restrictions / Copyright / Japanese Site.
Subject: Miscellaneous chemicals (572.5)
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