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Title: Lichens
Title alternative: Australian Lichen Website
Creator: ANBG = Australian National Botanic Gardens; Australian National Herbarium
Abstract: This website will introduce you to the basics of lichens and the aim is to cover a broad range of topics with more than just a superficial account of each. However, the website is not an overly technical one so that a lichen expert will find nothing new here. You don't need any prior knowledge of lichens and the best starting point for someone who knows nothing about lichens is the WHAT IS A LICHEN? page. It gives a short summary of the fundamental facts. Moreover, the links in that page will take you to various other sections for more information about topics that might interest you. This website will not help you identify lichens to species, nor even to genera. There are various printed and electronic sources that will help you in that. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Introduction / What is a lichen? / Form and structure / Lichen chemistry / Ecology / Reproduction & dispersal / Classification / Xanthoparmelia / Basidiolichens / Lichen biogeography / History of Australian lichenology / Lichens and People / Case studies.
Subject: Lichens (579.7)
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Spatial coverage: Australia
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Language: English
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