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Title: Species-ID
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Creator: Species-ID
Abstract: The goal of Species-ID is to offer a dynamic and authoritative open access resource for biodiversity information, with an emphasis on text, media, and data facilitating the identification of species on Earth. The project is presently in its inital phase. Its success will be determined by the contributions of many parties. To approach the goal several layers of contributions are helpful: a) Providing „raw“ base information into a repository (e. g., text, media, data tables, dichotomous or polytomous keys, or multi-access key data sets). The „raw“ here refers to the fact that this information does not necessarily have to be prepared to be directly used. For example, it may deposited in an archival format (e. g., a zip-file). b) Partnering with Species-ID to disseminate existing information here. c) Providing or converting text and data to on-wiki revisable formats. d) Enhancing the access and usability through restructuring, categorizing, adding semantic wiki information or tools, or adding new software extensions. Content policy: Species-ID publishes materials under an open content policy that is compatible with other open content projects like Wikipedia or Open educational resources (OER). Unlike Wikipedia, which is dedicated to summarizing information previously published elsewhere, original and authored information may be published on Species-ID. The submission of identification datasets (e. g. in DELTA, Xper, SDD, or other formats) is especially encouraged to improve the present and future re-use of these. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Philosophy and theory in natural history (578.01)
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