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Ground Beetles of Ireland
Title: Ground Beetles of Ireland
Title abbreviated: Carabidae of Ireland
Title alternative: Carabidae of Ireland
Creator: National Museums Northern Ireland / Habitas
Abstract: This web site is based largely on the book The Ground Beetles of Northern Ireland, Anderson, R., McFerran, D., & Cameron, A., 2000. This site is another step along the way to encouraging interest in Irish ground beetles. It extends the book by including more illustrations of the species and providing a means to produce updated distribution maps. Where photographs were not available we have used scans of set specimens or paintings from Fowler (1887). It is intended to act as a stimulus to further recording of ground beetles in Ireland by providing a resource which makes these little-studied animals more accessible to interested amateurs, biological recorders, school biology classes and the general public. There are very many gaps in information which can be seen clearly in the maps. The amateur recorder can help to plug these effectively. Accurate identification of beetles is always a difficulty, but the web site has an online multimedia key to Irish Carabidae which should help in this regard. The Carabidae or ground beetles are a world-wide assemblage of upwards of 30,000 species. These are often referred to colloquially as black beetles or clocks. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: The Irish Fauna / Species List / Full Checklist / Biogeography / Biome Codes / ID Key.
Subject: Coleoptera (Beetles) (595.76)
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