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A World of Pinguicula
Title: A World of Pinguicula
Creator: Partrat, Eric [co-editor]; Legendre, Laurent [co-editor]
Abstract: The first aim of "A World of Pinguicula" is to collect informations on genus Pinguicula and make it easily available for all Pinguicula lovers via internet. The second aim is to preserve in culture as many species, forms and hybrids as possible of truly identified Pinguicula thus preserving indirectly wild populations from field collection. The best way to preserve a species is to spread cuttings or seeds to as many people as possible, you can then beg a piece back if you loose it later. This will be actively encouraged on this site through the Cutting Exchange and Seed Distribution Schemes (soon). [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Informations on specific species, cultivars and hybrids / Growing tips / Virtual visits / Live plant collections / Overview of the genus Pinguicula.
Subject: Asteridae (583.9);
Garden crops (horticulture), Vegetables (635)
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