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F1000 - Posters : The Open Poster Repository for Biology & Medicine
Title: F1000 - Posters : The Open Poster Repository for Biology & Medicine
Title abbreviated: F1000 - Posters
Title alternative: F1000 Posters; Faculty of 1000 - Posters
Publisher: Faculty of 1000 Limited
Abstract: F1000 Posters, an open access poster repository, provides a permanent, structured environment for the deposition of posters as well as a trustworthy venue for ongoing discussion and development of the information being presented. The early scientific information presented in conference posters is universally agreed to be an important resource but, unfortunately, it is almost always completely lost once a conference is over. As a result, posters are only viewed by a handful of people before they disappear, either forever or until the research is later published as a paper. The system of removing posters from view after a conference is over represents a vast loss to the scientific community of unique and potentially valuable information. The rise of social networking as a channel for communication is enabling the scientific community to learn more about conference posters and presentations and is extending the reach of the data presented at meetings. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Subject: Research/statistical methods (570.72)
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