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Title: OroWiki
Title alternative: OroWiki [a Wiki about the Subfamily Orobanchoideae]
Creator: Uhlich, Holger; et al.
Abstract: The OroWiki project deals with the earlier family Orobanchaceae, except Lathraea, and following the modern system of Teryokhin et al., 1993, who combine the remained holoparasitic 14 genera Aeginetia, Boschniakia, Christisonia, Cistanche, Conopholis, Diphelypaea, Epifagus, Eremitilla, Gleadovia, Mannagettaea, Orobanche, Phacellanthus, Phelipanche and Platypholis in the subfamily Orobanchoideae (Vent.) Teryokhin. This subfamily comprised approx. 290 species of exclusive holoparasitic, nonchlorophyllous plants. This project holds an fully up-to-date information system with an overview of all known genera and species of Orobanchoideae. Descriptions and - if available - original latin descriptions are accompanied by detailed photos, line drawings and distribution maps. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: General Key / List of species / Investigation / Biology / Literature / Sources/Standards.
Subject: Asteridae (583.9)
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