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Millipedes of Australia
Title: Millipedes of Australia
Title alternative: Australian Millipedes
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Creator: Mesibov, Bob
Abstract: This website contains a checklist of the described species of millipedes native to Australia. It is a resource for taxonomists, not an identification guide. It does not contain identification keys or pictures. There are more than 400 native species in this checklist. Under each genus and species name there are all the works that might be recommendable to read. This website has as well an interactive maps page for species distributions. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Introduction / Catalogue / Bibliography / Maps / Museums / Chordeumatida / Polydesmida / Polyxenida / Polyzoniida / Siphonophorida / Sphaerotheriida / Spirobolida / Spirostreptida / Introduced species.
Subject: Myriapoda (595.6)
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Spatial coverage: Australia
Audience: Experts
Language: English
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Metadata update date: 2011-08-17
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