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NPLichen: A Database of Lichens in the U.S. National Parks
Title: NPLichen: A Database of Lichens in the U.S. National Parks
Title abbreviated: NPLichen
Creator: Bennett, James P.; Wetmore, Clifford M.
Publisher: NBII = National Biological Information Infrastructure
Abstract: This database contains over 29,900 records of documented occurrences of lichens in units of the U. S. National Park System. The records were obtained from the scientific literature, from National Park Service reports, and from the University of Minnesota Herbarium. Unpublished herbarium records from other herbaria are not included because they cannot be cited. Over 530 references reporting almost 2,650 lichen species from 153 park units are included. Only parks with reported lichens are included in the database. We have been unable to locate lichen references for other parks in the National Park system. All lichen names were standardized to Version 13 (2008) of Esslinger's Checklist of North American Lichens. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: NPLichen Home / Disclaimers / Lichens Not in the North American Checklist / Metadata / Misidentified Lichen Species / Parks Summary and Map / Search by Park / earch by Reference / Search by Species.
Subject: Lichens (579.7)
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Spatial coverage: United States
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