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Tree Decay - An Expanded Concept
Title: Tree Decay - An Expanded Concept
Creator: Shigo, Alex L.
Contributor: Carol, David M. [Watercolor illustrations]
Publisher: USDA = United States Department of Agriculture / Forest Service
Abstract: The purpose of this publication is to clarify further the tree decay concept that expands the classical concept to include the orderly response of the tree to wounding and infection-compartmentalization-and the orderly infection of wounds by many microorganisms-successions. The heartrot concept must be abandoned because it deals only with decay-causing fungi and it states that these fungi grow unrestricted through heartwood after infection of fresh wounds. The heartrot concept emphasizes descriptions of decay-causing fungi and types of decayed wood. It describes disordered wood and events that occurred in the past. The expanded decay concept emphasizes the order of a compartmented tree, the order of comparimentalization, and the order of successions. Regulation of discoloration and decay depends on understanding compartmentalization and successions. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Stems (575.4);
Trees (582.16)
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