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Title: GrassWorld
Creator: Simon, Bryan Kenneth [moderator]; et al.
Abstract: GrassWorld is an online information system of the world’s grasses derived from a DELTA dataset. The first version has descriptions to most species in English, German and Spanish and non-morphological information of all genera. A French version will be added next. GrassWorld incorporates all the morphological data of Kew’s GrassBase to which ancillary characters (bibliographic, geographic, references to illustrations, name derivation, cytology, classification, naturalised status) have been added. There are plans to generate GrassBase type generic descriptions using DELTA gesumm. Within the Scratchpad environment there are useful links to Google Scholar, GBIF world maps, NCBI, Wikipedia and image sites. Users are encouraged to notify us of missing or wrong information. Interactive INTKEY sets will be placed on the DELTA website once the information has reached a level of consensus. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Poales (Graminales, Grasses) (584.9)
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Language: English
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Metadata update date: 2015-09-18
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