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Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants, Edition 6
Title: Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants, Edition 6
Title abbreviated: RFK6
Creator: West, Judy [Project Leader]; et al.
Abstract: The release of Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants Edition 6 (RFK6) represents another significant milestone in the development of this information system for identifying and learning about plants in Australian tropical rainforests. Each edition of the system since 1971 has made significant advances in the coverage of plant groups, the numbers of species included, the effectiveness of the identification system, and in the utilisation of current technology. The aim of this new edition is to make identifications possible and easier, and make taxonomic information accessible to the wider scientific community and the population as a whole. Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants Edition 6 includes 2553 species in 175 families, and has attempted to include all flowering plant species present in rainforest of northern Australia in the following life forms: trees, shrubs, vines, forbs, grasses and sedges, epiphytes, palms and pandans. Some species are not yet included, primarily due to lack of specimens for coding features. Several new features have been added in response to user feedback and to facilitate the identification of the additional life forms. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Forest plants (581.73)
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Spatial coverage: Australia
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