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Ferns and Lycophytes of the Southern Rocky Mountain Region
Title: Ferns and Lycophytes of the Southern Rocky Mountain Region
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Creator: McHenry, Monique A.; Ranker, Tom A.
Publisher: University of Vermont
Abstract: This LUCID3 interactive key can be used to identify all currently recognized ferns and lycophytes in the Southern Rocky Mountain Region (SRMR), an area with high plant diversity rich in endemic species. This key follows the nomenclature of Flora North America (FNA) using an adapted checklist of ferns and lycophytes documented in the SRMR (Snow, 2004). To form an interactive key to the 84 fern and lycophyte taxa in the SRMR, characters that define the similarities and differences among species were entered into Lucid software (version 2.1). We adapted a key to the families of vascular plants of the SRMR (Brasher and Snow, 2003) to best identify deterministic characters of SRMR ferns and lycophytes. This interactive key and corresponding taxon fact sheets were informed by a literature review (FNA, 2003; Weber and Wittmann, 2001b and b; Spackman et al., 1999; Dorn, 1988; Lellinger, 1985; Mickel,1971; Sporne, 1968; Harrington, 1954 and 1950; Harrington and Durrell, 1950; Parsons, 1911), observations of herbaria specimens (COLO, COCO, GREE) and personal observations during twelve collection trips in Colorado. This information was supplemented by a key to Colorado’s ferns and lycophytes, presented by Tom Ranker at the Colorado Native Plant Society Workshop (2003). [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Pteridophyta (Vascular seedless plants) (587)
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