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Plant Bug - Planetary Biodiversity Inventory
Title: Plant Bug - Planetary Biodiversity Inventory
Creator: Schuh, Randell; et al.
Publisher: American Museum of Natural History / Division of Invertebrate Zoology
Abstract: The planetary biodiversity inventory project (PBI) is an international cooperation of several scientists. This web page focus in Miridae (plant bugs). Predominantly data bases are provided by this web page. These data bases comprise a worldwide catalogue of Mirdiae. Additionally picture, distribution, taxonomic, locility data bases are available. A comprehensive glossary and introduction to Heteropter, Miridae and two miridian subtaxa (Orthotylinae and Phylinae) allow an insight into this animals. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Table of contents: introduction (Heteroptera, Miridae, Orthotylinae, Phylinae) / project description (proposal, contributors, methods) / data bases (catalogue of the Miridae, picture, distribution, taxonomic, locility data bases on Discover Life) / publications (PDF) / presentations / collecting trips / meetings / glossary / links
Subject: Homoptera, Heteroptera, Anoplura, Mallophaga, Thysanoptera (595.75)
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Metadata update date: 2011-01-27
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