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British Plant Gall Society
Title: British Plant Gall Society
Title abbreviated: BPGS
Creator: BPGS = British Plant Gall Society
Contributor: Higginbottom, Tom [Chairman]; Farmer, Carl [Webmaster]
Abstract: A gall is an abnormal growth produced by a plant or other host under the influence of another organism. Most galls are caused by fungi or invertebrates. Prominent among the latter are aphids (Aphidae), mites (Acari), psyllids (Psyllidae), gall-midges (Cecidomyiidae), gall-flies (Tephritidae), gall-wasps (Cynipidae) and sawflies (Symphyta), but a wide range of other invertebrates are included. Galls can also be caused by viruses, bacteria and phytoplasmas. The British Plant Gall Society (BPGS), founded in 1985, aims to encourage and co-ordinate the study of plant galls, with particular reference to the British Isles. The society publishes the journal Cecidology. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Society (Membership, Committee, Calendar) / Gallery / Forum / Bedeguar Project (Rearing / Keys to Adult Insects) / Publications / Links
Subject: Synecology and population biology (577.8);
Insecta (Insects) (595.7);
Plant injuries, diseases and pests (632)
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Spatial coverage: British Isles
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