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Chirographum historicum: Collectors
Title: Chirographum historicum: Collectors
Creator: North Carolina State University / Department of Plant Biology / Herbarium; et al.
Abstract: This site seeks to facilitate access to samples of the handwriting of important botanical collectors. Although handwriting is often a key component in deciphering the identity of historical specimens and determining type material, researchers frequently find limited access to handwriting samples. Handwriting samples of some collectors have been published over the years, but are scattered over a number of journals and not immediately accessible to all. Travel to important historical collections in various herbaria is also frequently only available to a limited number of researchers. Thus, we sought to develop a central resource for the dissemination of handwriting documentation that was more freely accessible to researchers around the world. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Alboff [Albov], Nicolai Michailowitch / Andersson, Nils Johan / Ashe, William Willard / Baldwin, William / Ball, John / Barkley, Fred Alexander / Beccari, Odoardo / Blankinship, Joseph William / Blume, Carl [Karl] Ludwig von / Boissier, Pierre Edmond / Brandegee, Townsend Stith / Britton, Nathaniel Lord / Broadway, Walter Elias / Buckley, Samuel Botsford / Bush, Benjamin Franklin / Chapman, Alvan Wentworth / Cheeseman, Thomas Frederick / Collins, Zaccheus / Cook, Orator Fuller / Ducke, Walter Adolpho / Elliott, Stephen / Elmer, Adolph Daniel Edward / Engelmann, Georg / Fernald, Merritt Lyndon / Gay, Claude / Gleason, Henry Allan / Gray, Asa / Greene, Edward Lee / Griffith, William / Hassler, Emile / Heller, Amos Arthur / Henry, Aime Constant Fidele / Hochreutiner, Benedict Pierre Georges / Jepson, Willis Linn / Johnston, Ivan Murray / Jones, Marcus Eugene / Kanehira, Ryozo / Komarov, Vladimir Leontjevic / Korthals, Pieter Willem / Kostermans, Andre Joseph Guillaume Henri / Kuntze, Carl Ernst Otto / Leon, (Hermano) Frere / Lunell, Joel / Mackenzie, Kenneth Kent / Mathias, Mildred Esther / Maximowicz, Carl Johann / Mearns, Edgar Alexander / Merrill, Elmer Drew / Moore, Spencer Le Marchant / Morong, Thomas / Nash, George Valentine / Nelson, Aven / Nolte, Ernst Ferdinand / Nuttall, Thomas / Osterhout, George Everett / Pedersen, Troels Myndel / Perrine, Henry / Pierre, Jean Baptiste Louis / Pittier, Henri Francois / Poeppig, Eduard Friedrich / Purpus, Carl [Karl] Albert / Pursh, Frederick [Friedrich] Traugott / Rechinger, Karl Heinz / Reverchon, Julien / Rose, Joseph Nelson / Rusby, Henry Hurd / Saint-Hilaire, Auguste Francois Cesar Prouvencal de / Schlechter, [Friedrich Richard] Rudolf / Schlieben, Hans Joachim Eberhardt / Schmidt, Friedrich (Karl) (Fedor Bogdanovic) / Sheldon, Edmund Perry / Small, John Kunkel / Smith, Albert Charles / Smith, John Donnell / Spruce, Richard / Stehle, Henri / Urban, Ignatz / Wallich, Nathaniel / Wight, Robert / Woodson, Robert [Everard],
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (580.74);
Botanists (580.92)
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