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Palaeoentomology in Russia
Title: Palaeoentomology in Russia
Creator: Russian Academy of Sciences <Moscow> / Palaeontological Institute / Arthropods Laboratory
Contributor: Mostovski, Mikhail B.
Abstract: The Laboratory of Arthropods, Palaeontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences is dedicated to research on to fossil insects (Palaeoentomology). Fossil insect studies in Russia started just before the establishment of the Palaeontological Institute. They were initiated by a renowned entomologist A.V. Martynov (1879-1938), who became a founder of the Laboratory of Entomology in this Institute. During the years of its existence, the Laboratory of Arthropods accumulated the most extensive collection of fossil insects and arachnids comprising approximately 200,000 specimens and being one of the best collections in the World. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Publications (History of Insects, Articles) / History of Russian Palaeoentomology / Staff / Collections / Excursion Photos / Events / In Memoriam
Subject: Museums, collections, exhibits (590.74);
Insecta (Insects) (595.7);
Paleontology, Paleozoology (560)
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Spatial coverage: Eastern Europe, Russia
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