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The Age of Natural History, as seen through materials in the possession of Kyoto University
Title: The Age of Natural History, as seen through materials in the possession of Kyoto University
Title abbreviated: The Age of Natural History
Publisher: Kyoto University Library
Abstract: In the West, as a result of the explorations of every corner of the globe undertaken from the latter half of the 18th century, organisms, unknown until then, and novel specimens were brought in, and an enormous amount of information was collected. All this was collated by figures such as Buffon, the author of "Natural History, general and specific", and Linnaeus, who founded the "binomial nomenclature", which is the basis of the formal naming system used today. These works became known even among ordinary citizens of the day and also led to an extraordinary boom in the field. Here you can see the "Pinax Theatri Botanici," a general survey of plants by Gaspard Bauhin who distinguished genuses and species before Linnaeus; the "Elements de botanique ou methode pour connaitre les plantes" of Tournefort, whose use of many illustrations made it possible even for beginners to distinguish between and to classify plants; and the "Flora Japonica" and "Fauna Japonica" of Siebold who studied Japanese flora and fauna using tens of thousands of specimens. In the future it is planned to make a collection of representative items from available the natural history materials in the possession of the Kyoto University, including celebrated works of people such as Linnaeus, Buffon, and Youan Udagawa and Keisuke Ito, who introduced the Western study of natural history to Japan. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Natural history of organisms and related subjects (578)
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