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EU-nomen : Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure
Title: EU-nomen : Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure
Title abbreviated: EU-nomen
Title alternative: PESI : Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure
Creator: Jong, Yde de [general coordinator]; et al.
Abstract: EU-nomen enables the correct use of species names and their classification to more accurately manage information on animals and plants. This is the first all-taxon inventory of all European species. PESI provides standardised and authoritative taxonomic information by integrating and securing Europe’s taxonomically authoritative species name registers and nomenclators (name databases) and associated exper(tise) networks that underpin the management of biodiversity in Europe. PESI defines and coordinates strategies to enhance the quality and reliability of European biodiversity information by integrating the infrastructural components of four major community networks on taxonomic indexing into a joint work programme. This will result in functional knowledge networks of taxonomic experts and regional focal points, which will collaborate on the establishment of standardised and authoritative taxonomic (meta-) data. [Information of the supplier]
Table of contents: Taxon search / Taxon match / Expert db / Nomenclators / PESI Project.
Subject: Philosophy and theory in natural history (578.01)
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Spatial coverage: Europe, Western Europe
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