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Libri Fungorum
Title: Libri Fungorum
Publisher: CABI Publishing - "a division of CAB International"
Abstract: The project "Libri Fungorum" is coordinated by the Index Fungorum Partnership with the aim of providing a digital archive for books, journals, thesauri, indexes and other publication important to systematic mycology (fungi and fungal analogues, including yeasts, lichens, myxomycetes, downy mildews, and all their allies). Page images will be either hosted here or we will point to external URL's; external contributors are responsible for dealing with copyright issues. [Information of the supplier, modified]
Table of contents: Books / Journals / Thesauri / Indexes / Miscellaneous.
Subject: Fungi, Eumycophyta (True fungi) (579.5)
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Language: English
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