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Manual of the Alien Plants of Belgium
Title: Manual of the Alien Plants of Belgium
Creator: Verloove, Filip; et al.
Abstract: This website deals with all alien vascular plants ever recorded in Belgium (with emphasis on those recorded since 1950). It is important to stress that species included range from ephemeral aliens that were only recorded once to widely naturalised and noxious environmental or agricultural weeds (see Catalogue of neophytes in Belgium for definitions; available as a PDF version). Please note that this website is in progress. At present accounts for the following groups and/or families are available: Pteridophytes, Actinidiaceae, Apocynaceae (incl. Asclepiadaceae), Berberidaceae, Campanulaceae (incl. Lobeliaceae), Caprifoliaceae (incl. Dipsacaceae, Valerianaceae), Celastraceae, Convolvulaceae (incl. Cuscutaceae), Cornaceae (incl. Nyssaceae), Cyperaceae, Elaeagnaceae, Garryaceae, Grossulariaceae, Juglandaceae, Linderniaceae, Loasaceae, Phytolaccaceae, Smilacaceae, Tamaricaceae and Verbenaceae. New families will be added in due course. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Nonnative plants (581.62)
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Spatial coverage: Southern Low Countries, Belgium
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Language: English
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