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Title: Phyllium
Title alternative: Phylliinae
Creator: Größer, Detlef
Abstract: The topic of this private web site are walking leaves from the subfamily Phylliinae (Phasmids, Phasmatodea). The web site is structured by the genera of this subfamily. Every subsite includes a species list and for some chosen species short information about distribution and biology. Additionally gives this site a short rearing guidance for some Phyllium-species, pictures of gynandromorphs, a table of feeding plants and a list of publications from the author. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Table of contents: Genus Chitoniscus / Genus Eophyllium / Genus Microphyllium / Genus Nanophyllium / Genus Phyllium / Genus Pulchriphyllium / Rearing guidance / Feeding plants / Gynandromorphs / Publications
Subject: Apterygota, Orthoptera and related orders (595.72)
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Audience: Intermediate
Language: German
Format: website
Resource type: Discipline based websites
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Metadata update date: 2010-09-13
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