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European colour-ring Birding
Title: European colour-ring Birding
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Creator: Raes, Dirk
Abstract: This private website lists all European bird research projects with colour-rings (August 2010: 1996 colour-ring projects on 355 bird species). Colour-ringing of birds has a huge advantage against classic ringing with just one metal ring. You can read the colour-rings in field with binoculars, thus you can obtain much data without disturbing or harming the bird. On this website you can find all European colour-ring projects and their coordinators. Observers of colour-ringed birds can contact the coordinators and get information about the origin of these birds. [Editorial staff vifabio]
Table of contents: Sponsoring & Supporting Organisations / Information for Colour-ring Project-leader / Information for Colour-ring Field-observer / Colour Mark Coding / International Colour-ring Websites & Colour-ring Press / Colour-ring Projects
Subject: Auxilliary techniques and procedures/apparatus, equipment, materials/microscopy (590.28);
Birds (598)
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Spatial coverage: Europe, Western Europe
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