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Global Compositae Checklist
Title: Global Compositae Checklist
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Creator: Flann, Christina [editor]; et al.
Abstract: The Global Compositae Checklist is a searchable integrated database of nomenclatural and taxonomic information for one of the largest plant families in the world (also known as the Asteraceae). The database is compiled from many contributed datasets and is continually being edited and updated and should be considered a working checklist. Datasets for the Compositae from across the world have been integrated in the Global Compositae Checklist using purpose designed Checklist Integration software (C-INT, Landcare Research, New Zealand). Names are matched using a set of rules and a consensus name is generated with all original data sources linked to that name. In this way no information is lost and the consensus name is a summary of all information from multiple data providers that are in agreement on any given field. Entries are complete to differing levels depending on the data contributed (e.g. only some data sources have type information). Broad distribution data has been included, using the TDWG Geographic Standard although, as this is derived from the data contributed, the distribution is not necessarily comprehensive. Taxonomic concepts are also derived from the data sources, using a system of prioritised ranking where local datasets have more weight that global. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Asteridae (583.9)
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