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Global Garlic Mustard Field Survey
Title: Global Garlic Mustard Field Survey
Title alternative: Global Garlic Mustard Field Survey : a collaboration between scientists, educators and you
Creator: Colautti, Robert [project leader]; et al.
Abstract: Many invasive species, like Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata), are threatening the world's natural resources, but the abundance of invasive species can vary dramatically over space and time. Scientists still do not have a good understanding of why this is so. Through large-scale sampling, scientists can identify areas that differ in the intensity of invasion and try to understand why these differences exist. We can also compare this to variation in the native range. This may be crucial to researching new methods of control, but a large project like this could cost millions of dollars and years of work. Through the use of a simple, standardized protocol, volunteers can help to generate valuable scientific data. Participating in this research does not require specialized training. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Nonnative plants (581.62);
Dilleniidae (583.6)
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Spatial coverage: Temperate zones (Middle latitude zones)
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