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Ecological Metadata Language (EML)
Title: Ecological Metadata Language (EML)
Title abbreviated: EML
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Publisher: National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis ; et al.
Abstract: Ecological Metadata Language (EML) is a metadata specification developed by the ecology discipline and for the ecology discipline. It is based on prior work done by the Ecological Society of America and associated efforts (Michener et al., 1997, Ecological Applications). EML is implemented as a series of XML document types that can by used in a modular and extensible manner to document ecological data. Each EML module is designed to describe one logical part of the total metadata that should be included with any ecological dataset. The EML project is an open source, community oriented project dedicated to providing a high-quality metadata specification for describing data relevant to the ecological discipline. The project is completely comprised of voluntary project members who donate their time and experience in order to advance information management for ecology. Project decisions are made by consensus according to the voting procedures described in the Charter. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Language and communication (570.14);
Ecology (577)
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