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Primate Life Histories Database [Intro/Demo site]
Title: Primate Life Histories Database [Intro/Demo site]
Creator: National Evolutionary Synthesis Center / Evolutionary Ecology of Primate Life Histories Working Group
Abstract: This database contains individual-based life history data that have been collected from wild primate populations by nine working group participants over a minimum of 19 years. The purpose of collecting data of this type is to make comparative analyses that can shed light on the population dynamics and the social and ecological adaptations that have shaped both human and nonhuman primate evolution. Records in the database include mortality and fertility schedules across multiple primate taxa. The data are searchable and can be downloaded into csv format. This site was produced by the Evolutionary Ecology of Primate Life Histories Working Group through the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. This site is currently only accessible for the working group members. If you want to see how the system work, please visit our demo site, which includes an example dataset, representing a subset of the actual database, as well as a live version of the graphical user interface. [Information of the supplier]
Subject: Hominidae, Homo sapiens (599.9)
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