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Order from Chaos: Linnaeus Disposes
Title: Order from Chaos: Linnaeus Disposes
Title alternative: "God creates, Linnaeus disposes"
Creator: Tancin, Charlotte [exhibition organizer]; et al.
Contributor: Lamothe, Kristina [online exhibition designer]
Publisher: Carnegie Mellon University / Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
Abstract: Carolus Linnaeus (also Carl von Linné, 1707–1778) was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist whose work laid the foundations of modern biological systematics and nomenclature. Long before Linnaeus, classical science was important in the shaping of subsequent science in the West. Transmitted through the cultures of the Mediterranean area, classical science was recovered during the Renaissance and ensuing Scientific Revolution, and undergirded the search for a new botanical system. Drawing on the work of his predecessors and contemporaries, Linnaeus developed a coherent system for describing, classifying and naming organisms. Linnaeus’ students traveled the globe to explore and collect information and specimens. Aspects of the Linnaean system have enabled amateurs and professionals worldwide to identify, name and describe plants for more than two centuries. [Information of the supplier]
The exhibition hung in the Hunt Institute gallery from 28 April to 31 July 2002, and is now presented on-line in an adapted form.
Table of contents: Pre-Linnaean botany / Linnaeus / The Linnaean inheritance / Conclusion.
Subject: Philosophy and theory in natural history (578.01);
Classification in botany (580.12)
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